There is a local group that I work with called  Pathways.  We set out cameras to see where wildlife passes through in the area.  The idea is to ultimately gain understanding of what pathways nature/wildlife uses to move between regions.  Observations are coordinated with UC Davis. In the case of cougars, males can range hundreds […]

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A little over 4 weeks ago, I had a total knee replacement.   The surgery was good, and then came the physical therapy!   That has been hard.  Good, but hard.  I am getting most of my range of motion back, and getting my strength back as well. I am really enjoying having time with […]

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Today is the Bio-blitz at the Rio Grande Nature Center.   A bird walk has started,  and a porcupine walk as well.   It is a nice,  cool day here.  Roadrunners dart across the ground.  A turtle was brought in from the Bosque for viewing.   He is trying to climb out of the cooler. […]

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Random thoughts, pre-surgery

Tomorrow, I have a total knee replacement.  I look forward to not being in constant pain, although I know the pain will be bad for the next couple of weeks at least.  Couldn’t hike today, to keep the knee from inflaming prior to surgery. Saturday was the final weekend class for Master Naturalist.  There are […]

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Master Naturalist Class

I’ve been enjoying the Master Naturalist course.  On Saturday, we went to the Sandia Mountains Natural History Center, which has been in existence since 1967, and is co-operated by the Natural History Museum and Albuquerque Public Schools.  We hiked up into the mountains and found a medallion tree.  According to the medallion, this Ponderosa Pine’s […]

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Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Recently, I visited the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.  The Conservancy aims to protect water and local species, and educate children and adults about this region of Florida. Their place is really cool.  Check them out at their website, and if you are ever in Naples, check them out!  The boat ride was very cool, and […]

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Nature walk

Had a great walk today at the Rio Grande Nature Center!  Not only is there a walk on location, but the trails go into the Bosque as well (from Wikipedia: A bosque is a gallery forest found along the riparian flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States).  While walking along the […]

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Waiting Room

Waiting for the cancer doc, thinking about the great outdoors.   The air conditioning is on full blast, making it really cold.  Outdoors is beautiful today!

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What is a Naturalist?

In my class, Master Naturalist, we talked about what makes someone a “naturalist.”   There are famous ones, like Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall.  But what about regular people not in a wildlife or biologist profession? Perhaps it is through a love of nature that one becomes a ‘naturalist.’  Perhaps a realization that humans […]

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Vet tech

I spent the morning studying animal anatomy and physiology.  Once I retire from engineering, I hope to become a vet tech for wild animals.  These classes will take a long time since I am working full time, but at least I can pay for them while earning money from work.  Also, because I work full […]

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