Of Mice and Stoats

During my work today at the museum, I was logging Voles (red-backed, gray-sided red-backed, and Southern red-backed), Collared, Alpine,  and Turkestan Red Pika, and Least Weasels.  Also logged one Mexican Harvest Mouse, and a Stout.  The skin of the Stout is below.  Google has some good images of these animals in the wild.  I never […]

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Leopard vs. Jaguar

Got a chance  to get closer to the cats in the corner  of  the  mammal collection at the Southwestern Museum of Biology.  There  was one that I thought was a jaguar (Panthera onca) – native to the Americas.  It is a leopard (Panthera pardus) – a cat  native to Africa!  Below is a closer  image of the […]

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Museum of Southwestern Biology

Part of obtaining a Master Naturalist certificate is completing a service project.  I chose to do my service project at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Museum  of Southwestern Biology – or MSB for short.  This museum is a research facility at the University of New Mexico.   In this clip, David Attenborough explains how a […]

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Sandia Mountain Bear Fair

The Sandia Mountain Bear Fair is presented by the Sandia Mountain Bear Collaborative and Bernalillo County Open Space.  It is an educational and fun event for the whole family!  Learn about living with bears close to home and what resources are available to help both families and bears!  One to Four pm, September 24 in […]

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There is a local group that I work with called  Pathways.  We set out cameras to see where wildlife passes through in the area.  The idea is to ultimately gain understanding of what pathways nature/wildlife uses to move between regions.  Observations are coordinated with UC Davis. In the case of cougars, males can range hundreds […]

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A little over 4 weeks ago, I had a total knee replacement.   The surgery was good, and then came the physical therapy!   That has been hard.  Good, but hard.  I am getting most of my range of motion back, and getting my strength back as well. I am really enjoying having time with […]

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Today is the Bio-blitz at the Rio Grande Nature Center.   A bird walk has started,  and a porcupine walk as well.   It is a nice,  cool day here.  Roadrunners dart across the ground.  A turtle was brought in from the Bosque for viewing.   He is trying to climb out of the cooler. […]

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