Conservancy of Southwest Florida

Recently, I visited the Conservancy of Southwest Florida.  The Conservancy aims to protect water and local species, and educate children and adults about this region of Florida. Their place is really cool.  Check them out at their website, and if you are ever in Naples, check them out!  The boat ride was very cool, and I saw some fledgling Yellow-Crown Night Herons. 20170701_133646

They live among the mangroves, shown in the next picture.  20170701_133920

Naturally, I would love to see a Florida panther (a puma), but they are quite elusive – and there are only maybe 230 or so in the state!  This group of puma is cut off from their relatives in other parts of the nation.  A few years back, several females from Texas had to be brought in to Florida to maintain the Florida panther’s genetic diversity and keep the population healthy.

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