Interesting Article and FB post

Scientific American has this article about the pinon and it’s potential  in the western US.  A lot of the climate change impacts on nature are seen here before most places,  although this article  also suggests that the fluctuation in trees could be due to previous abundance. In this post, a bear attempts to get into […]

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Had a Blast at Bear Fair 2018!

The Bear Fair was a lot of fun, and attracted many people to come  and learn about  bears!  People enjoyed the lectures.  Kids liked the scavenger hunt.  Many silent auction items were bid on.  Due to being quite busy, I only got a few pictures.   There were several tables.  The ones for  BEMP and the […]

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Bowling for Rhinos

Today a group of us  from  the Sandia Mountain Bear Collaborative are Bowling  for  Rhinos to support the Albuquerque Zoo.  My bowling “skills” are non-existent but it is for a good cause. Life has been busy lately.  Finally getting a chance to slow down a bit.  The forest has been closed under drought conditions, but […]

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Scat Party!

Hi!  I haven’t  written in a while.  Lots of stuff been going on,  although some of it health issues.  Spent a couple of months  in a depression, then been working my way out of it  over the last few months or so. But, but… but – everything is getting so much  better!  Work  (my day […]

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