Bowling for Rhinos

Today a group of us  from  the Sandia Mountain Bear Collaborative are Bowling  for  Rhinos to support the Albuquerque Zoo.  My bowling “skills” are non-existent but it is for a good cause. Life has been busy lately.  Finally getting a chance to slow down a bit.  The forest has been closed under drought conditions, but […]

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Happy Cougar Faces

I took some pictures while visiting the  Alameda Zoo in Alamagordo.  Thought I would share them here. This is Rocky.  He’s really mellow, and  when I did the slow blink to him,  he did it back!  As  you can see, he has huge paws! This is Nicole.  She was resting, and very mellow on a […]

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Scat Party!

Hi!  I haven’t  written in a while.  Lots of stuff been going on,  although some of it health issues.  Spent a couple of months  in a depression, then been working my way out of it  over the last few months or so. But, but… but – everything is getting so much  better!  Work  (my day […]

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Born to Rewild movie

Santa Fe on Saturday October 28 at 4:45pm at the CCA and in Albuquerque on October 29 at 1:00pm at the Guild. The movie and panel presentation is a Wildlands Network presentation!  Sponsored by New Mexico Wildways! Hosted and co-sponsored by Albuquerque Wildlife Federation, BirdsEye View GIS, Defenders of Wildlife, Ecotone Landscape Planning, New Mexico Wilderness […]

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Casting Wildlife Prints

I took a class in casting prints of wildlife  from Mitch Johnson and  Peter Callen of Pathways.   The class was really good, and amid puns  of “come to the casting call” and “someday my prints will come” attendees learned a  lot  about getting good casts of wildlife prints! We were using 30-minute set (or so) […]

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