There is a local group that I work with called  Pathways.  We set out cameras to see where wildlife passes through in the area.  The idea is to ultimately gain understanding of what pathways nature/wildlife uses to move between regions.  Observations are coordinated with UC Davis.

In the case of cougars, males can range hundreds of miles, and although females have smaller ranges, they still need quite a bit of room.  As humans move into their territory, we want  to keep conflicts down and  facilitate the natural movements of the animals (especially, in this  region, cougars and bears).  Some of this  is done through education  of people  living in areas where bears and cougars can be found.  Keeping trash locked up or keeping pets (and small children) close helps.  On ranches, dogs have been found to be useful.

One of the people in my Master Naturalist class, Frank Michel, made the following video about Pathways.  Hope you enjoy it!

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